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Delicious Delights on Wheels: The Journey of Pizza Delivery!

Calling all pizza enthusiasts and lovers of cheesy, saucy goodness! Ever wondered about the fascinating world of pizza delivery? Well, at Prosciutto’s Pizza, we’re here to serve you not only mouthwatering slices but also a peek into the intriguing facts that make pizza delivery an adventure of its own.

Did you know that pizza delivery has a history as rich as the toppings on our pies? In the late 1800s, pizzerias in Naples, Italy, paved the way by delivering pizzas in special metal containers, ensuring that the warm, delectable flavors reached customers’ doorsteps intact. Fast forward to the 21st century, and pizza delivery has become a global phenomenon, with each slice telling a unique story.


While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, check out these fun facts about pizza delivery!


The Need for Speed

Remember the days of “30 Minutes or Free”? Yep, Domino’s Pizza had quite the challenge going on. While they’ve since put safety first and retired the policy, it’s amazing how this concept revolutionized the pizza world and set the stage for speedy deliveries. Speaking of speed, ever thought about pizza delivery by drones and robots? While it might seem straight out of a sci-fi movie, some adventurous pizzerias are testing these high-tech waters.


Make It High-Tech

Prosciutto’s Pizza is all about innovation too. From online ordering systems that make your cravings just a click away to a pizza tracker that lets you follow your pizza’s journey from the oven to your doorstep, we’re keeping up with the times to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as the taste of our pies.


Pizza in Space!

But let’s not forget the slice of history – in 2001, Pizza Hut sent a pizza to the International Space Station because who doesn’t crave a cheesy slice even among the stars? And did you know that around 350 slices of pizza are devoured in the U.S. every second? Now that’s a lot of love for those round wonders!


Fast and Friendly Delivery from Proscuitto’s

So, the next time you’re munching on a slice of Prosciutto’s Pizza, remember the incredible journey that brings that slice to your plate. Whether you’re enjoying our classic Margherita or diving into our creative combinations, know that each bite is a testament to the legacy and innovation that define the world of pizza delivery. And don’t forget to tip your delivery person—their smile is as warm as our pizzas!


Enjoy pizza and other Italian favorites from Proscuitto’s! Visit us at the Crossroads Mall in Londonderry or order online.